Thinking of waiting until spring to list your home, Think again!

Selling in Winter

Believe it or not, the housing market doesn’t hibernate in the winter months (especially when the weather in Northeast Ohio has been so mild). Sellers who list often find the winter season the most advantageous time. So if you are preparing to list your home this year, there are many valid reasons to consider getting it on the market right away instead of waiting for spring to launch!

Sellers tend to get more than their asking price during the months of December, January, February, and March. This seems to be due to several factors. 1) The winter market is less competitive for sellers since many people tend to wait until the spring to list. 2) The smaller inventory of active listings also helps sellers get more attention from buyers. Basically, the best time to sell anything is when demand is high and the supply item is limited. Winter may just offer up this exact situation.

Something else to consider is that many large corporations often transfer employees or hire new ones early in the year, creating opportunities for winter sellers from very motivated buyers. Homes that are priced right and show well can sell any time of the year and winter buyers tend to be more serious.

Inventory of homes for sale in Northeast Ohio is still well below the 6 months needed for a normal market. Prices will continue to rise if a sizeable  supply does not enter the market. Take advantage of the ready, willing and able buyers that are still out looking for your house.

Spring will definitely bring more inventory, and in turn, more competition. So, if you are going to sell, now may be the time. Call us today for a market analysis 440-652-3002

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