Is it time to sell?

We are currently faced with a bit of a housing dilemma in Rocky River, Bay Village, Lakewood, Fairview Park and most of our West side neighborhoods.  We have buyers (a lot of buyers) and not enough homes for sale.  This is a pretty frustrating scenario for  us (The Real Estate Pros) , the Millennial buyers, the move up buyers and relocation buyers moving to our area.

Given this scenario the law of supply and demand hangs true! Those that have decided to list their homes and have it marketed properly are making a killing. These sellers are selling for top dollar and in record days on the market. We just recently had a home that was marketed for less than 24hours sell with 5 offers ALL significantly over asking price.

So if you are “thinking about selling” now really is the time AND there are several things that will affect whether you are successful in obtaining the highest possible price with minimum amount of hassle.

#1  I know you will be thinking “of course she is saying this” BUT, it’s true! List with the right agent.  This is actually pretty simple. The agent who knows how to accurately price your home at that sweet spot, not too high not too low. The agent who knows your neighborhood and SELLS A LOT! (Sorry your Aunt Betty or best friend’s , sister’s uncle can’t get the job done.)  Last but not least, the agent who knows and is working with the kind of buyer that wants your home.

#2 DO NOT Overprice.  The market might be hot but buyers are savvy, smart and know the comps. Longer time on the market means lower price.   Price it to get attention and offers will come.

#3 Get the house ready…de-clutter, get rid of extra furnishings, make sure everything is neat, clean and depersonalized.  If you’ve lived in your home for many years this may seem daunting but  we have resources that can help and we guide you on what is most important.

#4 LIST NOW, new inventory will hit the market as soon as the weather breaks.  This means more competition and more market time.

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Jen Davis, Sales Associate

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