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Kamm's Corners is Statistical Planning Area (SPA) on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio. This area presently includes the neighborhoods of West Park, Kamm's Corners, Jefferson, Puritas-Longmead, and Riverside. It is roughly bounded by the Rocky River on the west, I-90 and the city of Lakewood to the north, the New York Central Railroad tracks (now Amtrak), to the east and Puritas Road to the south. Named for early settler, John West, the neighborhood was originally part of the larger municipality of West Park in Rockport Township. Annexed to Cleveland in 1923, West Park was the last large suburb to become part of the city. It has an estimated 57,000 people.

source: wikipedia.org

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Population by Age Level. Median Age 43.7. Households: 8,241.

In Thousand of Dollars. (Median Income: $54,104)

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