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Financing tips from our local Rocky River Office, after your pre-approval what’s next?

When looking to buy a home, you probably know that it is a good idea to be pre-approved for financing.  If you are focusing in Rocky River, Lakewood, Fairview Park and Bay Village the good homes are selling fast.  So having your pre-approval handy is an important detail.  What you may not know is that there…Read More »

SEX in the Glasshouse, what? Cleveland Botanical Gardens is steaming things up!

This is certainly one way to catch someone’s attention!    Great marketing for  a great cause.  We are very proud to be supporters of this event, Kim Crane is on the host committee and  we are all looking forward to an exciting event. The event is February 21st  from 7-11p.m. and will include an unforgettable evening of…Read More »